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How do I replace mounted Pickups

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I have a RG8527z where the pick ups are mounted on top, however I can't seem to get acces to the wires from the back. Do I remove Edge Zero from the back of the guitar to get access? I can't find a video or anything online or on the ibanez website to do this.

I'm looking at removing the PAF7's for liquifire/crunchlab combo.
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I replaced both humbuckers in my 8570 last week.

Isn't there any metal cover with 4 screws on the back of your guitar?
There are 2 black sponges (or whatever those things are called) underneath each pickup, working as springs.

Since the Tone Zone and Air Norton are very thin pickups, you will have to cut those black things in half. I had to do that to install my Evos, and iirc, the D Sonic was the thickest pickup I've seen. Considering that the Crunch Lab is similar, be prepared to do the same.

That's the most complicated part of the process but it's worth the pain.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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