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How do you change pups in an Ibanez RG 570?

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Does anyone have a link that explains how to do it?
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Can you change just one pickup? I want to put a Dimarzio ToneZone in it. I'm a newbie at this. Is there a certain position I'd need to put that in?
yeah you can just change a single pickup or all or somewhere in between.

the tone zone is mostly used as a bridge position pickup. If it is going in an rg 570 you need the pickup to be f-spaced.

dimarzio offers instructions


the red is hot, the black and white(grey in that diagram) are soldered together, the bare and green are ground and are soldered together.

it will be easier to talk you through the installation process when you have the pickup in your hands to look at. If you have it alread pm me and i will try to explain how to put it in.
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Do you have msn? Do you think it'd sound a lot better if I replaced the bridge pickup in an 570? What pup would you recommend for punk music?
nope i dont have any instant messenger program. yes it would sound better if you replaced the stock bridge pickup , they are alright pickups for stock but it would sound better if you replaced it.

As far as punk, i got no idea what pickup you would want to replace it with.

What are your current amp settings and what do want from a pickup?
Right now my POS 15 watt amp isn't working too well. It makes a weird noise when I turn it on and off, but here's what I usually have:

Distortion: 8 (my distortion really sucks, im getting a new amp)
Treble: 7
"Contour" : 5
Reverb: 0

On my distortion pedal I usually have distortion at about 7 and tone at around 6. I want something bright, punchy, and good for rhythm.
well i am going to say maybe you should check out the evolution or evolution 2 .

the evolution is punchy and bridge, it cuts through so you'll be heard, and it is pertty high output. The bass is tight, which for punk isn't nessicarly a bad thing, i assume you arent doing any drop tune stuff ?

the evo 2 may also be something to look into. It isn't on the dimarzio site, it is a new model and dimarzio hasn't updated thier site in a long time. It is a basic evo with a little more head room, the bass and treble are equal and the mid is a little bit more.
bass is 6.0
mid is 7.5
treble is 6.0
So it will be brighter and it still has quite a bit of output.

BTW: the stock V8 doesn't have very much bass and is a bit more treble focused, plus it isn't too high output. Just for comparision.
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I'll look into the Evolution. How much is it? Would installation be hard with no previous experiance?

How does this look: 7338744572
jra2217 said:
the tone zone is mostly used as a bridge position pickup. If it is going in an rg 570 you need the pickup to be f-spaced.
F spacing is more an aesthetic choice than a sonic necessity - magnetic fields don't just rise vertically from the poles. Standard spaced pups sound just fine on guitars like the 570. The only advantage of f spacing that I can think of is that you can get more wire on the bobbin due to it being slightly bigger.


f-spaced makes the pole peices line up on floyd equipted guitars. It means you can raise or lower to the pole pieces to help to add a bit more focus to a certain string or strings, it isn't nessicary but is recommended .
Yes, I know. All I'm saying is that it's a largely aesthetic decision with no major tonal consequence either way, because you can do the same with normal spaced pickups on floyd guitars too without any discernible effect on tone. I have normal spaced pickups in my original edge equipped 570 and it sounds great. The magnetic fields coming off the poles are not vertical columns, they disperse somewhat so it's not actually a requirement for the strings to line up directly over the poles.


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