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how do you make a fenders dis sound better

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I have a fenderhot rod delux and the dis is horible any suggestions instead of getting a pedal? (Oh and i cant turn the volume to high so f that idea).
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well, a boss ds-1 with an overdriver(zw44) . That combo can make a really nice distortion set up.

maybe just an overdriver will do the trick. How old are the tubes in it? may play around with new 12ax7s to see if you can't get something more that you like, if you do get some 12ax7s electro-harmonix or jj are both pertty soild brands.
The Hot Rod Deluxe just isnt a metal amp, its a clean/low gain amp.

If you need a metal sound, your best bet is getting a metal amp. Sure, you can try some pedals, but they are not going to sound as good as an amp's distoriton.
yeah get a tube half stack or combo from carvin.com
from carvin ay wellm im not sure this amp is pritty good and i vcould just get a pedal and a thing that letsa you not have to get new batteries for it.
i'd play the marshall before ever getting one. Evrey marshall i have played i didn't like much at all,simple put i hate marshall and feel that they are totally over rated P.o.s. amps .

Saying this i will say that sound is extermly subjective and it is very hard to offer good advice because someone can't just say "you'll love the way this sounds or this pedal is the one for you" it . So in short screw everbody else because they aren't you and dont like the same things as you, play all the stuff you want first hand, it maybe hard but it you are much better off knowing exactly what you need .

i played a digitech death metal today, it gave some alright distortion but it was a bit noise, and out of curiosity i plugged it into a marshall avt 50 combo and it was ok until i turned the pedal off.
yeah i'm not big on marshall either. I actually like fender amps, but then again i'm more of a fusion/rock guy than full blown metal. Either get yourself a good pedal and a dc unit so you can plug it in the wall or get a new amp.
I owned a Hot Rod Deluxe for a while - great amp, awesome cleans and great bluesy overdrive. But, it's not a "metal" distortion amp, and there's nothing you can do to it to change it. If you want a more metal distortion, you realyl should be looking elsewhere...

If you like Fender amps then have a look for a Prosonic head or Combo.

If you want to keep what you have, (The hot rod delux is a great amp by it's own right) you really need to put one of the many OD pedals in front.

try some overdrive pedals with it, if that still doesn't work, then get a new amp that produces the distortion you like
JM5150 said:
Make it better by buying a Marshall
t.t Marshalls are overpriced and not even that good.
ElectriK said:
t.t Marshalls are overpriced and not even that good.
The new ones are, the JCM 2000's, AVT's and MGs.

But get an OLD original JCM 800 or JMP or plexi, crank it up, put a pedal in front, and they're great.
it doesnt matter i just got a vox ad100vt its pritty good
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