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How does DC resistance effect a pickups tone?

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So how does it affect it?
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lower dc resistance usually means a brighter pickup like the humbucker from hell, and the higher the resistance usually means a darker pickup like the super 3. those are in most instances it does not relate to perceived output and isn't always a true indicator of how the pickup sounds though. There are other factors involved like RGR said.

Different wire gauges, magnets, magnet strength and construction all account for tonal differences.

A paf pickup always uses an alnico (aluminum nickle cobalt) magnet, and has a distinct sound. Other pickups use ceramic magnets, like dimbucker or evolution or d-sonic.
Doesn't the Super 3 sound too dark and overcompressed? It has a 25kohm resistance
i personally hated the one i tried. it didn't work at all for what sound i was going for and yes it was dark and compressed. In the right guitar going in to the right amp any pickup can give you what you want but at the time with my setup it was basically the opposite if what i wanted. I like to revisit pickups from time to time to see if how they sound in different guitars with different amps.
it was in an rg570 and i was using a peavey xxl and xxx 40 1x12. I actually sent it back to dimarzio to exchange it for a norton. I liked the norton but ended up selling that rg570 and bought a usrg30 for a steal.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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