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How good is the EdgeZero compared to other tremolo systems?

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I have been thinking of getting a RG8420ZD for a while now and want to make sure that the EdgeZero is a very good tremolo before I make the purchase as you can still find EdgePro models around.

Is the EdgeZero your personal favorite Ibanez Tremolo system? Or is it simply a very good one but not the best?

I understand the studs need replacing, but after that, is it a very good tremolo system compared to an OFR or EdgePro/any other really good tremolo?

Thanks for any help you can offer. Beyond the EdgeZero, do you think it's a wise decision to go with the RG8420ZD J Custom? Or should I be looking at older models for better quality?
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I haven´t played one long enough to know the trem perfectly but its a nice trem, it stays in tune perfectly and feels like an edge pro, only that the bar is not loose because you can adjust teh tension, the only thing I didn´t like was that it doesn´t flutter at all
oh forgot to mention, the studs do not need replacing, they come also with the set screw to lock the studs but you have to install it yourself, although I´ve heard that they are not very good quality
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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