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How to wire a HSH combo in my RG550??

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So my RG550 is waiting on all my pickups to arrive. I'm using a Duncan Custom for the bridge, blue velvet for middle, and PAF Pro for neck. I've looked on the dimarzio website for wiring instructions, but couldn't find what I needed. I ordered a 3 way blade switch to use. I don't need 1,098,465 different pickup combos, I just want to be able to switch to each pickup individually, no crazy coil splitting options. Could someone point me to some wiring diagrams to help me out?? Also the blue velvet is a 2 conductor I believe, if that means anything. Thanks!!

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I dont know how people dont like the in-between sounds. I all the positions equally, I dont know why people dont like them, I cant live without them they're so valuable.

I dont see how 5 is so much more crazy than 3, but whatever.
I don't know that you'd even need a wiring diagram. That set-up is so straight-forward, it would be a very ease job to just figure out.
Well I would need a reference point. When replacing pickups before all I did was paint by numbers basically with the old pickups. But now since I'm only using a 3 way switch as opposed to the stock 5 way, I need a little help. Also need to know which capacitors to use where, I have some.20 and .50. Thanks.

We could give you a schematic, but you'd be lost the next time it comes around to swapping pickups.

If I were you, Id pick up a book called "Guitar Maintenence" by Dave Burrluck.

It has alot of great information about guitars in general, but a great section about the electronics of a guitar, and he explains what things are, how they are used, and what they do beautifully and very easy to understand.

It provides you with all the information needed to UNDERSTAND how the insides of a guitar work. Guitar Electronics are REMARKIBLY simple once you get a grasp of how they function and work. You'll get to the point where you wont need schematics, and you can wire stuff up with no instructions because you already KNOW where the wires should go, and more importantly WHY they should go there. And. . .its EASY.

Since I'm a nice guy, I hand made you a diagram, off the top of my head. I just looked up the Seymour Duncan color codes, and thats all I needed to know, the rest of the knowledge came from that book.

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Wow, thanks so much for that diagram. You didn't have to go to the trouble, but much thanks anyway!! Very cool of you. I think I'll look into that book as well. I had one more question, is it OK to use a 500k pot for tone as well?? Also, where should a ground wire going to the trem claw go to?? Thanks so much again.

For the tone knob, 250k and 500k wont make much of a difference. It WOULD make a difference on the volume pot, however.

Its perfectly alright, it won't hurt a thing. 500k pots just let more treble though than a 250k pot. 250K pots are generally used for single coil guitars, since they have plenty of high end. Humbuckers usually sound rather dark and muddy with 250k pots, so 500k pots are usually used with humbuckers (or a guitar with both humbuckers and single coils)

But your signal path doesnt really travel THOUGH the tone pot, so it wont make much of an impact whether its 500k or 250k on the tone pot.

The trem claw should be grounded to the back of a pot, either the volume or the tone, it doesnt really matter. I'd probably do the volume, just to help keep the grounds centrally located to avoid confusion.

As for the trouble, I tried to find an existing schematic to "mod" but I couldn't find one I liked or that was laid out very clearly, so I just started from scratch. Microsoft Paint dude ;) Once you understand everything, its easy to whip up schematics like that.

Totally look into that book, it explains just about everything. I found it at the public library (while I was supposed to be doing research for an english paper. . . lol) if its not there you can just get one off the internet.
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