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I think that the reason the reproduction of music came to be how it is today is literally because no-one in the music industry thought that we'd end up where we were with the advent of MP3 files, soundcloud, or anything. in the wake of Napster, when Apple came to the labels with the idea of iTunes as a way of going digital and still making some money, they said yes, because they didn't know what else to do. Then we went to Spotify and Apple music.

In all of this you're right, convenience is the key, but I think that is because music these days is supposed to be the auditory equivalent of McDonalds. It's nowadays so quick and disposable, who is in fashion today is out again tomorrow as the social media landscape makes the next big thing "go viral".

Where I work we're all in separate offices, those folks who have music on stream it through their phone on speaker mode at low volume or ear buds, noise cancelling headphones would stop us from hearing colleagues and telephones. One person has a small DAB radio in their office and a bluetooth speaker for their phone.

Music doesn't seem to be about sitting and fully listening, poring over album covers and liner note anymore, it's about not sitting in silence.
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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