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I do like the sound of classic vinyl albums on a high quality sound system. An ex coworker of mine has a $50k+ sound system in his basement that sounds phenomenal... Granite slab turntable, separate tube amps for the horns, mids, and TAD woofers in Baltic birch cabinets... etc, etc... all in a room designed for sound. The soundstage is amazing when you listen to music that was recorded with quality in mind, like old Steely Dan albums. Even at high levels the music is not fatiguing... so crisp and clean! I still won't go there though, he's just showing off and is a royal jerk of a person.

I do appreciate great sound, but I usually settle for "decent" sound... Driving in the car I listen to a lot of music, plus at work on a small set of Bose Companion speakers at lower levels. At home it is usually in the "guitar room" (spare bedroom) either on small Vestax monitors through my PC/interface or an old Kenwood integrated amp/cd player/aux input from interface and some old walnut Pioneer 10" 3-way speakers that I refurbished years ago. Mostly jamming along with backing tracks or songs and occasionally recording.

Here is the cool thing... My wife has never been into music, hard for her to talk over, etc. Two Christmases ago she got dehydrated and stood up too fast and fell over backwards, hitting her head very hard. Very scary... blood, concussion, 911, ambulance ride, etc. She keeps trying to figure out what music was playing in the emergency room, but I work at this hospital and there is no music in the emergency room. For whatever reason, she can't get enough music now. We listen to it in the house a lot, she likes to listen on a little Bluetooth speaker while cooking, we listen outside using a bluetooth soundbar w/sub... especially later in the evening while sipping a beer and looking up at the stars. All different kinds of music, classic rock, old blues, even some rockabilly (Webb Wilder) and synthwave (Hello Meteor's Mu & Mea album is her favorite). Just so peculiar to me that after 30 years of marriage she's listening to music... really listening! She'll stop mid-sentence and say, "Listen to that bass!" I'm really enjoying listening with her and explaining music questions she has.

My 2 cents...
1 - 1 of 24 Posts
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