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Do you think it's a good/nice idea to make a HSH/HH guitar??

HSH and HH switching on one RG 550 HELP

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I'm new to this forum so I'll start with introducing myself.

Colin, 19 years old and live in Holland.

Gear: Ibanez S370, JEM 555, RG 550
Marshall 9001 preamp, G-Major, into valvestate 8100 head.

I've bought an RG 550 last week and I'd like to put new pickups in it. Probably an Evo in the bridge an Evo, Breed or Tone Zone in the neck. In the middle position maybe a Red or a Blue Velvet but I'm really not sure about that one.

I'd like to use it as a HSH guitar for my lessons and some popmusic things. But for my band (Metallica, Iron Maiden and other hardrock/metal related stuff) I'd like to be able to use it as an HH guitar.

standard RG 550 pickup switching

the switching I'd like to add

Would it be possible to wire/configure it like that with a push/pull pot (I really like the look of those Fender S1 pots). So that in normal mode I'll have an HH guitar and then, when switched I have an HSH guitar.

Any help (pics) on how to do this and what parts to use is apriciated.

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if u bought another 5 way and installed it to your guitar then you could also wire in a switch that chose which 5 way you were using.
that way you would also be able to go from any to any aswell.
welcome to the forum!
I may just do that on my next guitar. I like it.
How would you wire both switches when there is only one wire from each pickup? I don't mean ONLY one wire but only one of each of the green and red and white and so on.
Hi Colin, great idea!

I own an RG2020X, and like to share some experience I have with the 5 way H-H config. The original wiring splits the neck humbucker in position 2 to two single coils in parallel. However, I find that splitting the bridge humbucker as two single coils in parallel yields a better and much more convincing stratocaster position 4 quack.

In short, we have:

Pos1 (neck): Neck humbucker full
Pos2: Neck south coil and Bridge north coil in parallel (fantastic Tele middle position tone)
Pos3: Neck humbucker and bridge humbucker in parallel
Pos4: Bridge humbucker north coil and south coil in parallel (extremely convincing Strat 4th position quack tone)
Pos5: Bridge humbucker full.

For reference, I used the Dimarzio Humbucker From Hell in the neck and Seymour Duncan in bridge position.
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Hey guys thanks for your reactions. I like the idea with the two 5-way's. I'm gonna consider my options. And save some money :)

I voted yes, but I dont think its as simple as adding a second selector, and another selector to select which selector your using (lol sorry tungue twister). The pickups in your 550 are 2 wire (not counting ground) but to get the parallel wiring you need the 4 wire version for at least the neck pickup, no big deal if your buying new pickups. The second problem I think will be setting up your switching, it maybe easier to add some 2pdt switches rather than a second 5 way. If I knew the internal connections for both types of 5 way switches (the H-H is a different switch than for H-S-H) I could figure out what combination of switches would make it simplest. I am sure someone out there has done this though and can confirm how easy it is. I am curious as I was going to do this to my butchered up RG120 just for kicks, but never got around to it....and I dont have the switches laying around.

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