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I own an RG2550Z from 2018 with Dimarzio Tone Zone, True Velvet, Air Norton, 5-way switch, 1 vol 1 tone. Classic configuration of the switching with auto split in the 2 & 4 positions.
I want to add two push pulls for getting each humbucker in parallel mode, so the guitar should behave the same as it is now when both pots are down; then with the vol pot up the neck pu should be in parallel instead of series. The same goes for the bridge PU but with the tone push pull.
I came across with a thred from 2010 that has this very same configuration, the thread being:


As I understand from the thread, this is possible with the wiring diagram posted on page 3, post #34:

The diagram was drawn for Bareknuckle pickups. As I'm using my original Dimarzio pickups, all I have to do is changing the colors to the corresponding Dimarzio ones from the Bareknuckles ones: red in the diagram (BK) would be red (Dmz), green in the diagram (BK) would be black (Dmz), white in the diagram (BK) would be white (Dmz) and black in the diagram (BK) would be green (Dmz)... correct?.

I've edited the picture with the Dimarzio colors:

Can someone confirm if the diagram is correct?. Or if someone has another diagram, it'd be very helpful!.

I'd also liked to ask about the orientation of the DPDT. I want the pickups to be in series when the pot is down, and in parallel with the pot up. What the orientation of the lugs in the diagram should be?. For instance... in the diagram, the two upper lugs connected by a blue cable, are those lugs the ones nearer to the pot shaft or further from the pot shaft?.

Thank you very much!!.

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I can't say for certain if the original diagram is correct because I don't know how that 5 way switch works, but if it's just the stock ibanez switch it should be correct. You got the 4 conductor wires colors correct, so looks good.

With the push pull pots the two lugs with the blue jumper would be towards the bottom further away from the pot.

Make sure the true velvet you have is RWRP to remain humcancelling in pos 2 and 4 because I believe the wiring splits the humbuckers to the slug/north coil.

Also, when you have the humbuckers in parallel it'll no longer be humcancelling in pos 2 and 4 I believe
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