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I'm giving a new birth to my Yamaha RGX 621D (old 94 guitar).
I got a pair of Hot Rodded Seymour Duncan and a single coil.
Want to wire everything that i have the choice to play full HH et single coil via push pull split on tone pot.

What do i need is like this:
  • I would like to see a complete wiring diagram going all the way to the output jack.
  • It should have the HBs with Seymour Duncan color codes.
  • Using a Superswitch and or a standard 5 poles switch (maybe better for space in electronic cavity).
  • The push-pull should be drawn as being on the tone pot.

I have this schematics already but cant figure out how to wire from beginning to the end:

Rectangle Slope Schematic Font Parallel

What could be the result of this wiring is like below image:

Product Rectangle Font Material property Parallel

I struggle already to draw may diagrams based on the first image of this post.

Thanks in advance for any help. ;)

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Rectangle Font Parallel Electronic device Screenshot

Here is the wiring diagram for a super switch to dimarzio wiring. You just need to translate the wire colors to Duncan.

See the empty/unused upper left quadrant? That is where you add the middle single coil.

From left to right:

Lug 1 - goes to your push/pull

Lug 2 is neck position. Choose which neck bucker coil you want and solder the positive here. (N)

Lug 3 - jumper from Lug 2 and neck single goes here (n/m)

Lug 4 - jumper from Lug 3 (middle)

Lug 5 - solder jumper from lugs 3 and 4 here. Add whichever bridge coil you want here as well. (B/m

Lug 6 - solder your bridge positive here. (Bridge)

You will have to figure out the rw/rp issue with the N/M and b/m positions. You may get the inner coils, you may get the outer ones. Neither is wrong. Go with what is easier.

I did this with 3 singles and 2 rails buckers ( the rails were located between the neck/middle and bridge/middle. With the bridge being angled so I got the right strat sound).

Instant strat sound or ibanez hh 5way at the push of a button!

It works well.
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