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Saw something else about it being this week.
My guess is that it’s the 35th edition, there’s been silence on that since NAMM.
I’d love if it was a Sustainiac/Backstop/Scalloped version. That would probably have to be Premium due to cost, like the Satch one. It’s a bit too soon for a Premium Pia, though, don’t you think?
Yes I would love to see the 35th model. As far as a PIA model with Sustainiac, backstop, and scalloping… I say yes I’d love to see Ibanez include a backstop, and I wish they’d find a way to please whatever patent holders they’d have to to bring the backstop back as an available part but I really don’t think that would ever happen sadly. The Sustainiac… I know Steve has said he wished the sound of the pickup could be tweaked more to his liking and that possibly they were working on a Steve Vai version for inclusion in a future Ibanez, so that would be cool. Scallops… I’ve got two PIA’s, one scalloped, one factory. And two JEM’s, one scalloped and one factory. I think that option is best left to the end user, as I would not want every one of my PIA’s scalloped. As far as a PIA Premium, I think the JEM 7VP is filling that spot pretty well. I have one of those as well, and it’s a fine instrument, unfairly compared to other Premium level Ibanez guitars that may feature inferior necks, pickups, or bridges compared to their genuine MIJ brothers and sisters. So I wouldn’t hold my breath on a PIA Premium but who knows!
1 - 4 of 41 Posts