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i dont know why yall get so excited is gon be expensive as hell lmao

unlikely to have sustainiac but who knows

guitar probably gon cost 10k
You just don’t quit, do you? Is it that surprising there are people excited about a new PIA on a forum for JEM/PIA enthusiasts? Do you feel better now that you sh*t all over it, again? I know who you are (and your alt usernames), I’ve never seen you post anything, anywhere that wasn’t talking sh*t. Every guitar tech you’ve ever met is an idiot (while you can’t set up your own guitars), Vai is tacky for naming the PIA after his wife and making it too feminine, Ibanez is a horrible brand because Tim Henson probably got an LACS nylon string while the public gets a $600 one, the AxeFX is too expensive, the PIA is too expensive….every single post I’ve ever seen you make is talking sh*t about someone or something while never putting forward anything you can call your own.

It’s no wonder you need alt usernames to post at certain forums, you’ve got to keep running from all the sh*t you’ve talked previously. That’s highly admirable human behavior and I fart in your general direction.
1 - 1 of 41 Posts