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Humbucker From Hell Question

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I know it's bright and glassy. My question is, is it as picky as a, Evo neck pup. IThe Evo's are very non-forgiving when it comes to sloppy playing. I have a set of Evos and want something in the neck of another RG that will not be so (unforgiving) something more subtle than the Evo. I would go with a PAF style if I can find one that isn't too bassy. The Paf Pro and Breed were to thick, bassy sounding.
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I would have to say that the humbucker from hell is probably not what you want, then. I would think that a PAF Joe or an Air Norton would be more up your alley. Or you could always just try and improve on your technique and then all your problems would disappear.
Yeah the evo is insane if your playing is sloppy
My playing is not the worst, but playing live and fast I'm not super clean so I don't want another pickup that is as nonforgiving and the EVO.

Air Norton specs look to bassy. I don't want muddy when playing fast runs or riffs. Maybe the Paf Pro is the way to go. I kind of strayed from it because I didn't like the PAF PRO in the neck. Maybe the Joe better.
I´ve got a JEM with an Evo neck and a PGM with the Humbucker fom hell... If you think that the Evo is unforgiving you should definitely not get a HFH!
I recently played a RG8270 , and the Air Norton sounded nice and was more forgiving. The 8270 has a mahogany body if I´m not mistaken, though... that might also make a difference. But you should give it a try!
Yeah, ive been looking at the Humbucker from Hell for some time now.
How is it, anyone who uses it?
And does it go with a evo (or evo 2) at the bridge?
Anyone knows another neck pup that goes well with the evo (and dont say Evo neck:p)
I know it works well with a HS-2 in the middle.

I used it before... its NOT forgiving.. .but its absolutely clear and thats nice when playing fast stuff..

Anyway, one thing I think its important to note.
THe HFH has a DC Resistance of 5.82 and that makes it a little hard to balance with higher output pups like the Evo bridge/Evo2 (12-13 DC Resist), when wired together.
Now if you were to use a HFH and say an Evo 2 in parallel, you will note that the tone is virtually identical to a HFH alone.
The problem is that due to the much much lower DC resistance of the HFH, in a parallel wiring, the current will flow thru the HFH more, thus the HFH will totally overpower the Evo 2.
This applies to any parallel configuration (Ibanez H-H wiring, position 3 and 4).

Thats was the main beef I had with the HFH when paired up with my Tonezone in my S520EX with a 3-way switch. The middle position (H-H, parallel) just sounded like the HFH alone.

One more thing, the HFH doesn't sound much different when split. It still sounds single coil-ish, but with lower output. So yeah, if you intend to use it split alone, like in my guitar, its kind of a waste of the coil split.

Maybe you want to try something higher output like a Super 2?
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Hey Thanks Shredcows!

Ill consider some other models then! (maybe Super2)
I still have to wait some time (untill my birthday;)) to buy a new guitar and actually put some new pups in it... Maybe just a set of evos or breeds who knows.
But thanks anyway!
There's guitarshredder throwing in his two cents. Yes, we can't discount EMGs. I have them in my RG and they are pretty freakin' awesome. The 85 in the neck is hands down the best neck pickup I've ever had for playing leads and the 81 in the bridge gives you that heavy crunch without a hint of muddiness.

I'm currently trying to figure out which Dimarzio neck pickup comes the closest to matching an EMG85 because i'd like to have something different in my next guitar for some variety.
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