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I am finally a member...

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...of that exclusive Jem/Universe owners club. My UV777PBK arrived today and it is phenomenal. The nek feels like buttah and it is almost flawless. It's a '98 and the guy played it a few months and it went into storage. The frets were not worn but a little dirty- a little super fine steel wool and they're smooth as glass. Like they say- you never forget your first...
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Now we have you....you will never escape. lol
I'll be posting pictures soon. Funny story- Of course I couldn't wait to open the box, but when I did the case was locked with the combination on 000. I was soooo anxious to get it open, but didn't want to break the lock (the case is really nice). After fiddling with it for about five minutes, I decided to try the combination that made the most sense- 777 and it opened! ARe all the Jem/Universe cases set like that from the factory?
Congrats !!! Nothin like a UV ! Especially when you hit your first power chord using the low B..... the growl is awesome. I think the cases are set 000 from the factory.... Mine are still at 000.
The locks on the UV cases are not set from the factory. They have that little red plastic piece going through the lock, so the owner can set it.
Man, that was pretty mean for the guy to lock the case on you and not tell you the number. Congrats on figuring the combination out! And, it least it was easy!
my next ibanez will be a PBK. I need to hear that low B power chord and what my neighbours have to say about that ;)
I hope to become a member in January myself. I've wanted a UV7 guitar for about 10 years myself, so I know how you feel!

I'm curious what Universe guitar cases look like on the outside? I saw some cool Ibanez guitar cases in their catalog that have a logo recessed into the plastic. Yours probably will look different though than a newer one, but maybe you can post some pics of that too.
Gilbertoblues said:
Congrats bro!! :)

+1. Pics? ;)
Re: I am finally a member... Pictures

Here's the pics:

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Hmm, I think there was a problem while uploading them because I don't see any
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