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I bought my first 7 string!!

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Hello Everyone..I'm new to this forum and I thought I'd tell you guys about the incredible deal I got on a Magenta Crush RG 7420 recently..I bought that guitar for an amazing $129 [the guy even threw in a case not an ibanez case but that's cool] at a local pawn shop!!...I'm thinking about installing either a Tone Zone 7 or an Evolution 7 in the bridge position..Not really sure yet though..

thanks for reading...
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Congrats. That's a great guitar at an insane price. Sounds like the pawnshop really wanted to get rid of it!
DANG! Why cant deals like that pop up over here? :D
Thanks guys...The only thing I had to buy [had 2 missing parts] was the middle pressure block for the locking nut and the 5 way selector switch tip...I love the guitar..
Very good price, enjoy that 7 string :).


A great price for a good guitar ...... enjoy em and play em hard :mrgreen:
Congrats on the pawnshop deal. It really does sound like the pawn shop really wanted to get rid of it. Still a great buy. Worse comes to worse you can rip out the neck and sell the neck for more than what you paid for the guitar. *wink*.
Wow, I LOVE that color :lol: I know it isn't for everyone, but I love it. That trem is fine as well; it isn't as good as the 7620's, but it's more than adequate for most trem stuff. I think I'd personally go with a Blaze Custom in the bridge, but you'd be fine with an Evo7 as well. I'd also put a Blaze or Duncan Jazz7 in the neck. You got a nice score there, congrats, and welcome to the best Ibanez forum on the web!
Well, too bad Malaysians here don't sell things as cheap. We Malaysians always go for profit, so a normal discount price is nearly impossible. :)

Congrats anyway, give yourself a pat on the back for landing such a great deal! :D
About 2 weeks ago I visited a local guitar shop and I asked the salesman if he had a UV1000C case..lo and behold he brings out a UV1000C case..still in the plastic bag..I handed him 5 - $20 bills and he said that was good enough..so now I have the awesome UV1000C case and the killer 7 string Ibanez..
man u seem to be getting all the good deals
Great deal, congrats! ;) Once you go 7, you'll never go back, at least for me anyway. :D
I put an AN7 in the bridge and an EVO7 in the neck. I tried the EVO in the bridge at first, but the AN7 sounds much better in the bridge. The evo is not as muddy in the neck, and AN7 isnt as metallic sounding in the bridge as the evo was.
Man... I'm still looking for my first 7, I'll be over the moon if I can score a deal anywhere near as good as yours.

About the middle pressure plate, I don't use Flyd Rses anymore, but when I had my RG, I removed all three pressure plates as I found them to be a hinderance more than a big help. Especially if you are going to be gigging, you don't want to have to stuff around replacing strings.

When you string that puppy up, if the strings are correctly fitted/wound on the machine slots, you'll find you won't need those pain in the ass lock nuts... however, if you want them... they are a dime a dozen from any good guitar store.
i wouldnt go with a tonezone... it has crunch but nothing more.. imo anyway
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