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I finally got the NOS neck on the 87 saber...

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This week I finally decided to go ahead and get the N.O.S neck I posted about back in February on this 1987 black cherry I have. It was not without a little work but overall fit nicely.
I did have a little bit of a scare...
When tightening the strings even though I had some string buzz I kept checking the tuning but I had to hit the 13th fret to get the octave of every srting, not the 12th? I was freaking out, I was measuring and comparing the neck that I pulled off the saber originally that was on the radius that I had put it on and everything kept coming up the same? I finally figured out that I had not shimmed the nut up high enough yet to pull the octave back to the 12th fret and that's where the issue was....lol.

I forgot how good that guitar sounds. I might or might not get black knobs as i don't really want to spend the $$ on a chrome edge, tuners etc.
I did add a string tree to it as well. The edge bridge,tuners, nut and string tree were spare parts from other ibanez guitar projects.
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Good to see it back up and running, glad the neck worked out for you (y)
Love the ADA cabs!!
Thanks, me too.
One of the best deals i ever got on gear. I paid $75 for the pair last yr. About a 2.5 hr round trip to get them but well worth it. One cab has V30s the oth G12H50s which i didn't know existed but absolutely love, very warm and crunchy, not shill at all.
It's great to hear that you finally got the N.O.S. neck for your 1987 black cherry guitar!

it's satisfying to know that the neck ultimately fits nicely into place. Enjoy playing your newly upgraded guitar.
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