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Growing up in the 80s I was obsessed with Marty McFly. I was expecting my first guitar to be a Gibson ES-345, however it turned into a Gibson ES-330. Over the years I’ve had a long guitar journey, And I still have the traditionals in the arsenal. All that said, I still LOVE a hollow/semi-hollow.

In 2012 I picked up a 5120 and was hooked. It went to every show for the next 3yrs. Then in 2016 I picked up a Falcon and it became the go-to. Finally in 2018 I got my S5570 and that became the solid body go-to, and it shared the stage with my falcon the last Gig I had.

BUt...at the beginning of 2019 I picked up a Palermo Tommy Hendricksen model and it’s a killer rock guitar. It’s a 3 bucker 335 styke with backplate for electronics access. I swapped over to Trons and due to issue with their depth I went back to regular buckers and it rocks hard regardless what pickups are in it. No f-holes helps out on the feedback too.

Just a random thought or 10.

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