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I'm up to 3 540P's now, all in different states of condition and assembly.

Funny thing, I started playing as a kid in a metal band with a 540P back in the late 80's. I sold that guitar to my then-drummer in my band and life went on...

well, we got back in touch recently and he still had my guitar and actually gave it back to me because i had tracked him down trying to find it.

So, i now have:

1. my personal 540p I bought new in '88 (pretty beat up)
2. a replica of my original 540p that i bought before i found mine again (mint mint mint mint mint condition!)
3. a 540p project i keep telling myself im gonna finish putting together lol (pretty beat up)

just thought i'd give this thread a little nudge. :cool:
341 - 343 of 343 Posts