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Ibanez AEF100E vs Euphoria

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I was seriously considering buying the Ibanez Euphoria acoustic until I heard that they are made in Korea! I've never got to play one, there are none in the local music stores so I'd have to sell a couple of guitars, buy one online and hope that I like it. I mean, $1000 for a guitar from KOREA! I'm sure you Jem Heads have some good info for me, and I hope I don't ask the same old questions. I've been playing acoustic gigs about 4 or 5 nights a week and I miss playing my Jem, and the few acoustics I have just don't do it for me. When I bought my Jem, I fell in love. Now I need to find an acoustic to fall in love with. Here are some questions:

Does the EP7 have a nice thin neck?
Does it have the onboard tuner?
Is it worth $1000?

Ibanez has put out a new model acoustic - AEF100E.
It's also $1000, but it's got the onboard tuner that I like, and the Fishman Aura system built in. Is that made in Korea also? With the Fishman electronics, does this make it a better guitar than the EP7?

Any advise would be much appreciated.
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I just got a Euphoria last week, and I like it a lot. You can find them NEW on *B** for around $850. I got mine for $830 shipped.
I like the look a lot, which is pretty much what I got it for. Sounds alright unplugged, and really good plugged. I wouldn't have paid $1k for it.
I have been playing Ovation A/E's for years and it is hard for me to compare anything to my $1500 Elite when it comes to acoustics, I just love the ovation sound. My advice, unless you want wall candy because you are a VAI fan(which is pretty much why I bought it) try out some Ovations in the same price range.
Neck seems good
No tuner
Not worth $1k

Very pretty guitar
Inlay neck is impressive,
Flat finish make it look different in varied light.
I've let a few experienced players give my Euphoria a go. The opinion is unanimous – It looks evil (like USA money), is the best playing acoustic they’ve ever touched (Thanks Rich at Ibanez who set it up at 3mm over the bracing (not the 24th fret) ), but the room sound isn’t up to par with $2,000 + hand crafted acoustics. I haven’t had other’s plug it in, but if you’ve seen Vai on tour, you know just how good this thing sounds plugged directly in.

I really love my Ep7, BUT, as the thread suggests, I really wonder how much better it is as compared to the cheaper models.
I prefer the 2.5mm action on those, but I hate acoustics! As long as you were happy with the 3mm is all that matters ;)
Falcon Wing - I bought an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe (used) a few months ago. I left it in my car overnight after a gig and with the small opening in the broken hardshell case I had it in, the cold night air got to it and warped the neck pretty bad. The action was so sweet before that screw up, now I can put a cigarette between the neck and the strings at the 12th fret without it touching. I played an entire 4 hour gig with the action like that. Wow did that suck. The next morning I found the truss rod (boy was that thing hidden) and gave it a couple of gentle turns, put new strings on and I noticed the neck seperating from the body right at the neck joint. I threw it in the pile of broken guitars I have in the closet. I loved the feel of the neck (when it was set up right) I HATED the round back. I sit on a stool while playing and the thing kept sliding off my lap! Also it sounded like every other Ovation I ever heard. Right now I'm using an Ibanez AEF30 but it's not enough guitar for me. I want something that sounds really sweet, with fancy inlays, and binding all up the neck. I want a nice thin neck and a built in tuner. Price Range - $1000
My search continues...

Fyrie - I bet the Euphoria plays really sweet. I love playing my Jem and I bet the Euphoria has got that same great feel.

Rich - I hate acoustics too, but right now the money is good. I can market a 3 piece acoustic band much easier than trying to book a full band. I can play at lots more different places, in every tight corner at 100's of bars in and around Boston. Easy setup, no more paying a sound and light guy. Those sound guys made more than the entire band put together sometimes!
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I have had 3 Celibrity Delux's, and still have CD Double neck, and they in NO way compare to the Elite or Elite Standards that I have in sound, playability, and craftsmanship. Give some of the upper end models a try and you will see what I mean.
When I grow up, I want an Adamas.
$1k and no tuner?! my $250 a/e even has one, hahaha. granted, the ep7 prolly sounds better :)
I played one, and I was totally dissapointed with the looks and the sound, and the quality.

Its not NEARLY as shiny as Vai's. Vais prototype has this rich deep green quilted maple top, and this production model has a gross matte finish.

It played ok, but not very good, rather average.

And the sound, was less than satisfying. Low notes were flubby, and high notes had a deafened sort of plunk to them.

Its ALOT better than the other Ibanez acoustics. Ibanez made some nice electrics, but they sure as hell cant make a decent acoustic.

If you want an acoustic, just get a real acoustic, not an Ibanez.

(these are my honest opinions, before you blow up on me, take it or leave it)
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Gex said:
Its not NEARLY as shiny as Vai's. Vais prototype has this rich deep green quilted maple top, and this production model has a gross matte finish.
Vai's is also matte finished ;)
What about the one in the old homepage picture at www.vai.com?

It looked so rich and vibrant in that picture, I guess it was just clever lighting.

Nevertheless, I was quite let down when I played it.

Believe me, I wanted to be impressed, but I just. . .didn't happen. :(
Gex is right. Ibanez may not be the right choice for an acoustic.
I love mine, and they sound better plugged in. THey may not be worth the price, but then again a lot of top acoustics are even more expensive than the EP7....anyone buy a Martin lately...way more expensive and don't necessarliy sound better. I do believe they(EP7) are overpriced though. I have no regrets and I love it better than my Martin still.
Well, that's what you get with popular American acoustics :wink:. But the king of overpriced guitars is Taylor. Simply ridiculous if you ask me.

Anyway, I've seen a EP7 up close before and it's pretty. I haen't had a chance to play it yet. Maybe when I'm hunting for an acoustic...
GTR-MAN - you like your EP7 better than your Martin? WOW. That says a lot about the EP7.
I find it hard to believe anyone would take the sound of a maple topped Korean acoustic over a spruce topped Martin. Playability is one thing, but sound is another. Maple is stiffer and resonates less, and is used to lessen the possibility of feedback. For $1000 I'd buy a used Custom Legend and an acoustic amp (I just got a CL for 450 myself). There's also a lot of difference between a Celebrity and the rest of the Ovation line.
Jim777 - I've never heard of the Custom Legend so I looked them up on **** and saw a couple of them. (all close to $2k). I thought the Elite was the top model Ovation, but I guess not. Wow, those are really nice. Really pretty guitars with the built in tuner and all the other features I'm looking for. That round back really annoys me though. Maybe I'll put some velcro on my thigh to hold it up!
The asterisks in my above post are covering the name of a popular online auction site.
I didn't realize it was a bad word around here! I'd better wash my mouth out with soap!
Rich said:
Vai's is also matte finished ;)
how does he get his to look so good cause i was going to buy one untill i realized it was matte finish and i hate that so i'm still looking.
I can point you to an Ovation Dealer (the admin of ovationfanclub.com) who has a few 2005 Collector's left, and they're under a grand new. They have the new contoured bowl which is supposed to make it almost impossible to slip off your leg. I've never played one, though. All the specs and pics are on the Ovation site. I also think I saw a new red CL on one of the chain store sites for about 1150 yesterday. You can PM me if you're interested in either and I'll point you in the right direction.
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