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Hey all,

I have been asking around for an Ibanez artist for sale in my close proximity. I have got three offers:

1. A '78 2700 which was bought second hand in 1980 and then stashed away. Absolute mint condition. $1411
2. A '78 2700 which has been played regularly and converted to a left-hand guitar. The nut has to be turned back which can be quite pricey around where I live. $940
3. A '76 2617 which has seen played regularly with small dings and a broken switch. $1220, could probably get it down to $940 if I try.

Plus this one which I cannot try (for sale in another country):
4. A black '79 AR300. $871 shipped.

My gut feeling is that option 1 is the best, but what do you guys think?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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