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I'm checking your interest in these parts of Ibanez guitars and Dimarzio Caps (and other items). I'm from Chile but I'll be in US next december due to work experiences for English students (WEUSA)

*Ibanez RG370 MIK '04 Body $80.00

*Brazo Ibanez RG370 MIK $90.00

*Brazo RG250DX MIK '02 $90.00

*RG250DX MIK '02 Body routed EDGE/LO PRO EDGE
(natural finish/pickguard perlado HSH) $90.00

*Original Edge Trem (with complete TOP LOK III/OFR studs) $150.00

*Gotoh Tunners $40.00

*Ibanez Tunners $25.00

*Dimarzio Paf Pro (white) $90.00

*Digitech Hot Head Distorision $40.00

*Dimarzio Evolution Bridge (Green) $90.00

*Dimarzio Evolution Neck (purple) $90.00

I'm not updated with the price of USD, so if you can help me, and you think the prices are too expensive, please tell me or make an offer
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