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Is there somewhere on this site that shows/compares all the different edge trems.
I only have Original Edge, Lo Pro Edge and Lo Pro Edge 7s.
I saw an Edge III and it looked the same except for the bar.
The Edge Zeros look like crap.
How many are there and what is good and what is crap???

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High end knife edge tremolos (chronological order)

Ibanez Edge
Ibanez take on the Floyd Rose. Has a spring lock bar and push in arm. Tuning stability is excellent. 1987(1985 without spring lock bar)

Edge Lo Pro
Has the fine tuners more moved back than the Edge. String lock screw is directly at the saddle. Tuning stability same as OEdge. 1990

Edge Pro: Features sound metal chips at the saddles and can accept ball ends. Lowest profile floating trem. Reduced tuning stability because of the lack of locking studs, with them installed it is on par with Edge/Lo Pro. 2003

Edge Zero
Has the Zps system installed. Switchable to floating trem. Slightly higher profile then the Edge Pro. Features built-in intonation tool. Great tuning stability thanks to locking studs. 2008

Midrange knife edge models chronolgical order (2003 onward)

Edge pro 2
Cheaper version of the Edge Pro. No sound metal chips
Poor tuning stability. Edge Pro, OFR retrofittable 2003

Edge III
Replaced the Edge Pro 2. Features same arm as the EP2
Better tuning stability than the EP2. Edge Pro, OFR retrofittable 2005

Edge Zero II
Best midrange system yet. Features Zps, but no intonation tool. Better Tuning stability than the Edge III. 2011

Ball bearing models

Uses ball bearings as fulcrum points. Features ZPS and built-in intonation tool. Great tuning stability. No wear possible. On S series guitars only. 2005

Old model of the ZR. Used on middle range S models.
Still great tuning stability. 2003

Non locking free floating design. Zps-FX system can engage dive-only and fixed bridge mode. Featured on SV models only. 2008

Fixed double locking systems

Fixed Lo Pro
Same as the Lo Pro but as a top mounted fixed bridge 2002

Fixed Edge III
Same as Edge III but as top mounted fixed bridge. (great bridge because the bad knife edges on the Edge III are no problem on this version)

damn... I actually just wrote that....i could have just sent you a link to wikipedia....boredom SUCKS!! glad to help

also: http://jemsite.com/jem/trems.htm

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LoPro was not introduced in 1990. People may be confused by Jems that have 90XXXX serial numbers and LoPro trems, which only means they were built in 1990.

The LoPro was exclusive to the Jem for the '91 model year and was then used throughout the line beginning in '92.
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