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hello jemsite, i was just wondering if i could get some help with a question....

so basically i purchased a Peavey triple xxx (used) and my buddys ibanez is412 cab, (obviously aslo used)
problem was, when i practiced with my band, i wasnt getting the needed volume out of the thing (yes the ohms were correctly lined up)... and my buddys fender deville 4x10 combo was drowning me out, hard.

i found out the tubes hadn't been changed it 2 years or more, so i just decided to sell it.

My question is now, do you think it was the amp not giving the needed volume? Or is my cab a piece of crap and it was the problem? It did seem to crack and buzz when i cranked the XXX, but that also might be cause both master and channel volume were almost maxed out..

my friend ran his Peavey 3120 with no issues? but im gonna be getting a 6505 within the next couple of days so im just wondering whether ill need another cab or the ibanez can handle the monstosity of the 6505??

sorry for rambling hopfully you guys can help me out! :)
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