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Hi all,

I've got a really nice, limited run S Series J Custom for sale here in York, UK. This is in *mint* condition - there isn't a mark on it as it has barely been played, and I am careful with my stuff anyway. Apparently there are only approximately 30 to 40 of these in the world. I'm sure lots of you know the overall specs being Ibanez fans but here there's a quick run-down below. Here is a link to pictures of the axe! https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6rzywuw0tg9xbrn/AAC8n6QU8gXdnwDpv78GJ63ya?dl=0

A mahogany body with a quilted maple top, and a matte finish in "spessartine garnet" colour
Wenge neck with bubinga stripes
Titanium rod reinforced neck
J-Custom wizard neck profile
Bareknuckle Nailbomb pickups
5-way pickup selector switch, volume & tone knob
J-Custom fret-edge treatment (rounded, an almost frictionless feel)
Velvetouch neck finish (ultra smooth satin feel)
Lo-Pro Edge tremolo
Gotoh hardware

The pictures don't do the finish justice. You can see the grain through the colour, and the matte finish means it it doesn't have reflections in it the same way glossy finishes do, so you can see all the detail. The guitar will come in the original hard case, with tags of authentication, a J-Custom certificate, and the tremolo arm. I am a pretty seasoned player and an avid Ibanez fan, so while I am sure you will adjust the action to your preference, it is well set up already.

I have done the scary part in getting the guitar into the UK from Hiroshima, Japan. I think you'd have to be mad to trust any of the infamous UK couriers with an instrument as well crafted and rarefied as this one, so I prefer collection in person.

I'm looking for £2600 ONO. Any questions please fire away.
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