Hey there,

I have for sale a unique, heavily modded 1989 Root Beer Jem, along with the original parts. Before I get into it, here’s a link to the Reverb listing if you’d prefer! Ibanez JEM 7RB ‘89 (heavily modded) w/ original parts | Reverb

As mentioned before, the guitar has been pretty heavily modded - I had the original pickups swapped out for black Dimarzio Evolutions in the bridge and middle positions as well as a Sustaniac in the neck, and the trem swapped out for an Evertune. The strap locks have also been replaced with the Dimarzio clip-lock system. I will include the original pickups and bridge along with guitar, but these new evos sound incredible and the Evertune adds a surprising dimension to the sound (besides doing what it promises). The install on a guitar with a floating trem like this usually involves adding a little wood to the body before routing, which in this case ended up adding a little size and bite to the tone. While the guitar is certainly a little worn in it plays beautifully, the only caveat here is that there is a slight crackle when adjusting the volume knob but a quick clean of the volume pot will fix this.

This is a hard one to part with to be honest, and I’ve been toying with listing it for the last 6 months. Besides the fact that it’s one of a kind I’ve had a real connection with the guitar, but I’ve moved in a different direction as a player and really can’t justify holding on to it any longer. I’m hoping someone out there can give it a happy new home… this is definitely an instrument that likes to be played! I’ve owned a good few Ibanez guitars (many of them Jems specifically) and I’m not sure if it’s because this is a ‘prototype’ from the 80’s or just that it’s a unique piece but there’s real personality here, and it easily has the best feel of them all. Sad to be selling it but I hope there’s someone out there that will enjoy this lovely thing…

Just to reiterate, the guitar will ship along with the old bridge hardware and pickups (as well as the unused Dimarzio Evolution neck pickup) in the case it came in. Asking for $2500 plus shipping but am open to reasonable offers, please feel free to get in touch if you’re interested or have any questions, thanks!

(NOTE - Those looking for a collectors instrument might want to look elsewhere. Though I am including the original pickups and bridge and you can likely get everything back in with a little work, this is definitely a ‘player’ guitar, and an incredible one at that)