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Hi friends, I bought a Jem 7v. According to the Serial number from this guitar was build in Year 2009. But the people from Ibanez in my country said that they only started to sell this modell here in 2010. I think this guitar is a replica. I cant find any picture like this. Please help me to solve this problem. Look at the pictures and tell me something about this piece of tree 馃ぃ


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I don't know my Ibanez well enough to be certain, but the body shape somehow looks wrong (the upper horn especially) and it's a really sloppy scallop job on the upper 4 frets. Thankfully Rich weighed in and he'd know for sure!

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Rich is correct.

A few things that jump out if it helps explain why:
  • Scallop job is poor
  • Only the Japanese Jems have the scallop frets and the Japanese white 7VWH should have gold hardware.
  • The trem is definitely not an Edge/LoPro/Edge Pro. The trem is almost always a giveaway in spotting fake high end jems
  • The stamps on the back of the headstock - whilst the team J craft stamp looks similar to the real one the 2nd lower stamp I've never seen on a real ibanez.
  • Might just be photo angle but alignment of the monkey grip looks off. (Lots of fakes get this right now so no longer the easy sign it used to be).
There's more the real experts might point out but that's probably enough to help make you wary...
Hope you didn't spend much money or can get in contact with the seller.

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Yep, fake, alas.

Apart from what has been pointed out, the truss rod cover is different (smaller, and smaller screws) than on a real one; the shape of the body where the upper cutaway meeds the neck 鈥 real ones have a little 'hump' there; real ones use Gotoh tuners, never 'Ibanez' brand; locking nut bolts on real ones are closer together. The 'Team J. Craft' and serial number fonts are a bit different on real ones.

Have seen some with the CE logo in that position. This is the back of an RG2570MZ.

From a few feet away, it could pass. The counterfeiters have definitely gotten better and a lot of what we're pointing out is more subtle stuff. There are even some out there which have trems that look closer to Edge/Lo Pro, but up close there are differences, namely an 'Ibanez' logo on the whale tail.

The other way to know it's a fake is that it sells for below $1000 new, unless someone is pulling a scam.
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