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Hello. Hoping there's some specialist knowledge around.
I have a Jem in for repair. The serial number identifies it as being built in the Cort factory in December 2009. It has the well known tuning issues associated with the poor quality metal and lack of case hardening used on the Edge Pro ll bridge. I've reprofiled the knife edges before but they wear and send it out of tune again in a couple of weeks.
The customer wants the bridge replaced with a genuine Ffloyd Rose, but tracking down the correct bridge is proving virtually impossible. FR don't have a direct contact and the UK agent clearly doesn't understand the issue.
Spoke to my friend Martyn Booth about this and he's come up against this before, but didn't succeed in finding the correct replacement. The measurements of an Edge Pro ll are critical as there is no room to fit a bigger bridge.
Has anyone succeeded in replacing this bridge, and which FR model fits, please?
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