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For sale here is an original 1991 Steve Vai blue floral pattern JEM guitar in fantastic shape. Surprisingly this model wasn't produced for long despite it being arguably the most beautiful JEM model ever made. This guitar has almost no signs of aging. Frets are crowned and perfect, no acidity on fretboard or back of maple neck, an astoundingly few 2 dings (shown). Any other similar listing will show 30 years' worth of wear on the neckplate!! An allen key holder was installed behind the headstock and professionally filled. A little amount of pitting on the two lower saddles. The rest of the guitar is in great cosmetic condition (the black contour next to the backplate seems to indicate it might've been a factory second as it's completely under the lacquer). The back of the neck has an amazing flame also, which is very uncommon. This guitar was expertly set up. Hardshell case included.
edit: I've been informed by someone with a keen eye that this headstock has been professionally refinished. additional photos available on demand.
located near Jean-Talon Market in Montreal. free worldwide shipping!!!
please look at my other guitars and basses for sale
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full listing and pics:


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