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I'm on the fence, but am posting this up for $2100.

Ibanez Jem7v7.

There are all the pics I have right now, but I'll try to take some more tonight. Let me know if you want any specific pictures.

Has a nice dark board, which the didn't all have. Hardware obviously was swapped to cosmo. I do not have the original gold hardware. There's a small chip (pen tip sized or so) under the tremolo; I'll definitely get a pic of that up.

Really nice guitar. I've owned a lot of 7-string Ibanez guitars, including a '90 UV and a J-Custom. This is the nicest one. Set up very easily. The neck is thinner than all the ones I've played except that old UV, but this neck actually is comfortably round instead of like two sheets of paper (IMHO). The alder body sounds great.

Selling only because I can't get comfortable playing it. Too scared to scratch it up or ding it.

I have the case and the Ultralight bar but no paper work or tools.

Happy to answer questions!
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