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Hey everyone,

Hoping to get some assistance if possible.

Recently picked up a J Craft JEM7V in decent condition, body has some wear and guitar needs a good clean up.

Having owned another 7V in the past, I noticed that the guitar wasn't sounding as it should as I went through the pickup positions. Upon opening it up, it seems the selector switch was changed to a cheaper box type 5-way switch, commonly found on strats, and the volume pot was changed to a seymour duncan pot. The solder work was poorly done too.

To restore the guitar properly I'd like to get a proper selector switch in and replace the pots.
I'm unable to source an original VLX91 Switch where I am, are there any suitable alternatives that would work in its place?

My best bet seems to be the DiMarzio EP1112 switch. Anyone perhaps have any luck with this?
Also able to get a Schaller Model E Megaswitch or an Allparts EP-0078-000 if that would work.

Any assistance would be much appreciated!

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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