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Hallo. I sell this guitar, an 98' Ibanez JPM100p4 (Petrucci Signature).
I got this guitar on a trade few months ago .
After setting it up it really blew me off with it's sound and comfort. And that's being said by a person who's not a big fan of ibanez guitars because of the thin and flat neck.
This guitars neck is absolutley amazing, the best ibanez neck i ever played. It's rounder like the old jackson guitars and not flat like a typical ibanez neck.

Description of guitar:
It's got a several dings and few chips. nothing Major.
Somehow, some scratches on the neck pickup plastic cover too..
also, the input jack is a bit loose (doesn't hold the cable very well) and needs to be replaced.
other than that it's in great condition, sounds and plays great.
Modifications (if any): None, All Original
Accessories: hardshell case, Tremolo bar
Location: Israel
Contact: You can PM me here or email me, [email protected]
Price: 1800$, Not including shipping.

PM me for more pics and details.
Good day.
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