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I'm selling an Ibanez JS-1000 Black Pearl in BRAND NEW condition.
I have played this guitar maybe 15 minutes total, there is not even fingerprints on it.
This guitar is in WAY better condition than any new one at Guitar Center.

The setup of this guitar is just perfect, no buzz at all and the action is very low, no dead notes, just perfect.

This guitar is exceptionally comfortable (as most of the time guitars out of the factory are not well setup at all).
This is by far the most comfortable guitar I've ever played.

All the goodies and original flight case included of course.

I'm selling it because I lost my job and I need the money.
I never played it because I have another cheaper Ibanez which is out of his case at hand's reach most of the time.

This guitar is truly amazing, hold it and you realize immediately you have a professional tool in your hands.

Price is $ 1250 (Price new is $ 1,749.99 + Taxes and used one at Guitar Center are between 1100 and 1300 and are really really R-E-A-L-L-Y far to be as new as mine, not even close).

This guitar is visible in the Los angeles, CA area...


Send me a PM

I'm also selling:
- Ibanez S470 DX QM
- Warwick Double Buck $$ ACTIVE Bass (not the new cheap Passive $$ at Guitar Center)


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Please add your location to your profile. Please limit yourself to one thread per item. You already have a thread on the Ibanez S guitar. Also, any thing you wish to sell must have a price. So please list a price for the warwick if this is the only thread you have it listed in.
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