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Ibanez JS10th For Sale (UK only)

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Ibanez JS10th FS

The 10th is in very good condition, only 1 obvious surface scratch. I don`t play her too much these days (Bits of protective static plastic will be included) lol. Always been in its case and never giged by me. Original hard shell case with commemorative plaque as well as one on the back of the guitar itself. Serial No.77.

I need to get a hold of a digital cammera so pics may take a while.

Looking for £2`500 pounds.

Near Edinburgh, Scotland

This is a U.K Opportunity only, sorry.

P.m or reply with any questions

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Selling as i have taken an interest in playing drums and sound engineering/protools. Raising money for a diploma course.

Should have pics this weekend.

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