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Hi everybody!

This is SteelEdge, from Spain.

On sale my Ibanez Js1 Bk Joe Satriani Signature in black, one of the firsts JS1´s ever made, year 91.The first and original signature from Joe, and is also signed by Joe Satriani himself in the back cover, he signed it to me personally in one of the backstages I´ve been with Joe, you can see a pic of me with Joe when signing below.The signature is a very very little blurry because I played once with it before clear-coating the cover, but is perfectly legible and now is protected with a clear coat on it.

All you know the specs, superb woods and the original Ibanez sound from the late 80´s first 90´s...excellent craftmanship.IMHO, no actual production Ibanez can compare to the old ones.

I already sold another JS1 like this some years ago (withous signature) for 1800 Euros: http://foros.guitarramania.com/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=69917

This one I´m selling right know has better sound, and has some minor pick dings/scratches in the front, almost invisible if you don´t look at the directly with the right light, between pickups etc, you can see them in the pics.Because of this, I´ll rate the guitar a 8.5/10, other than this the guitar is in amazing shape, look at the pics:

The neck is superb and the fingerboard is AMAZING, beautiful wood on this one.

Hardware is perfectly working, Gotoh tuners and original EDGE bridge, wich is the one that Stach really uses and the one that comes with all the VERY EXPENSIVE limited editions such the JS10th Chromeboy, Js2PRM Chromeboy, JS Black Dog, Js20th...

I´m a big fan/collector os JS guitars and Ibanez guitars, I´ve had A LOT of JS´s and I´ve only kept the best.

Here´s a pic of my Js´s along with my Jems in my couch:

And here´s a pic of the signed cover, and a pick of me with Satch when signing in the backstage:

The old man that appears in the pic is **** Bridgen, the Joe Satriani manager since always a really nice, kind cool guy, always helps me to get in touch with Joe when he comes near my city.

So, here´s for sale one of the jewels of my collection, the only reason of selling is because I have toy many JS´s, too many Ibanez and too many guitars, so, that´s why I´m not accepting any trades on this one.

Comes with hardshell case, and I´ll ship worldwide, have a lot of experience shipping in Europe and overseas.

Price: 1500 Euros for a quick sale.

Is 300 euros cheaper than the other JS1 that I sold years ago, and that one wasn´t even signed by Joe.

I´m a very reputated collector / seller in the most known spanish forums such Guitarrista.com, Guitarramania.com and Guitarristas.info, as well as here in Jemsite and Ebay (Id: steeledge2001).

You can also check my guitar collection at http://www.steeledge.es/ and http://steeledge78.googlepages.com/misguitarras2 (different guitars in each one, I´m migrating guitars from the old to the new one, but still a lot of work to do!!!).

You can contact me thru PM or: [email protected]

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