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Hey guys,

Since the hype of Chrome/Gold Guitars is in demand, i did a thing :)

Did my personal Ibanez Js2PRM, a Tribute to the real one ( I did owned a Js10th and a Js2PRM in the past, currently in the same house of a friend in Malaysia, and miss them ever since! ).
So I got an Ibanez Js900, "old but gold", because of the Chrome Hardware, and did my custom work.
Att: Its not perfect in anyway, a lot of marks, micro and big scratches and some scuff on it, but then again, this one is mine :) An love the final result 馃槏
Currently waiting for a Mad Hatter Kit and 2 Dimarzio Chromed Pickups (Custom Order, will only get them in July - Fred and PAF Joe).
I probably will do some other JS in another finish.

Hope you guys like it! The finish is Mirror Black Titanium

Cheers, will post some more pics when its totally done.

Wishing everyone a safe weekend, and play some guitar (y) 馃幖馃幐

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It's a little dark for PRM, but you know how fragile they were. I kept the best one and never touched it. They were never built to be players.
Yes, you are right, its bit more darker than the original JS2PRM, but rest assure, with this kind of finish, its a total tour guitar! No need to panic on damaging the finish ;)

IMHO the Js 22 fret guitar in Chrome finish (Original Js2CH, Js10th, JS2PRM and the possible Gold Boy) are the sexist guitar ever made!

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Was this Alsa paint? They seem to be the best ones when it comes to durable chrome finishes.

Looks great, congrats!
Hello @Viper Pilot 馃槈 I was wondering when someone would ask me about the finish on it.

First of all, a special thank you for the help on the Mad Hatter Kit 馃幐馃敡馃攲

Believe it, this is all vinyl wrap work! Did it myself, and i never worked with this material!
3M Vinyl Wrap in Titanium color!

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There are a lot of ways of making a Chrome Guitar, some very expensive and awful to work with.

I started with the basic, wrapping the guitar with vinyl :) And the final product is extraordinary! I could do it with Vinyl Mirror Chrome, but when applying the heat gun on the corners, the finish would become foggy, so it opted by the Dark Titanium Finish, that IMHO looks way "darker" and cooler :cool:

So, this is it guys, with 50$ of Automobile 3M Vinyl, a heat gun and a few tests (i did messed up twice the front of the guitar, the back looks almost perfect !).
For this kind of work, 2 men power are needed! One to apply the vinyl an another to stretch it.

Cheers everyone! And play Ibanez guitars (y)馃幑馃幐
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