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Ibanez Maxxas

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Item for sale: Ibanex Maxxas

Description & Condition: Mint Green, few blemishes, overall good condition. 7-8/10

Asking Price: I'm not sure what this is worth but I'll do research, make me a reasonable offer.

My Location: PA

Terms of Sale/Purchase: I don't have a case but I'll see if I can find one. Shipping will by UPS ground. We will split shipping in the US. Int'l buyers, please contact for shipping rate.

Other Information: Thanks!
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Here's a stock pic.. I don't have a digital camera but will borrow one if you'd like photos.

Hi there,
is it a MX2 or MX3? They are externally distinguishable by their tremolo units:
the MX2 has got an Ibanez Edge trem (Floyd Rose style with locking nut, this is what the picture shows) while the MX3 features an Ibanez HQ-trem with Gotoh Magnum locking tuners. Only MX3's are chambered, MX2's are solid body guitars. The mint green colour is called "fountain blue" and is the only one that can be found on both MX2 and MX3 versions (it's therefore apparently the most widely used kind of finish on MX-guitars).
What type of pickups has your MAXXAS got? Black "IBZ USA" or gray "IBZ USA F1" or "IBZ USA F2"?
I'm researching MAXXAS guitars, if you could tell me the serial of your guitar it would be very helpful.

Looking forward to your reply!
Ok, I found the case and borrowed a digital camera so here are some pics:

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Ok, I tried to post pics, it didn't work for me, so if you'ld like pics, PM or email me and I will send them to you.

[email protected]
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