I bought this this guitar last year as I really wanted to try a Prestige. The finish and playability is awesome but I also found that the wider, thinner neck (compared to the Ultra neck on my RG620QM) didn't work for me.

This is a 2007 2570E that would have originally had the textured Vital Silver finish. It's been professionally resprayed in black with a very subtle sparkle (galaxy black?) and had a scratchplate added.

The pickups have been upgraded with Dimarzios and it has a Dominion in the bridge (DP245FBK) and a D-Activator bridge model (DP220FBKU) in the neck. It sounds great for metal but if a buyer would prefer it with the pickups removed (to install their own choice) then I can do that and reduce the price, or I may be able to fit a V7/V8 set.

The price includes the Team J-Craft case which I bought separately and maybe a Jemfest 2003 plectrum! :)

I can potentially ship within the UK for around £35 using a courier service that provides proper insurance (not ParcelForce!) or can meet around Cardiff/Swansea.