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Hello to all of you Ibanez fans.
I am finally here-because here are the Ibanez experts, player and collector.
I have several models 540s Power from the eighties from Fujigen and another from the S series.
But now I have a new guitar.I get it a hour ago and its love from the first moment on.Very great sound in distortion and clean and a dream come true with this Ibanez.
In the early eighties I bought a Proline 1660 red but later I sold it for buying a Charvel USA Strat Model 3.
Now I am looking for years for a similar guitar and found this
(please look the photos)

Which model and correct name is it?

Why I can´t find anything about this GREAT guitar?

It´s from 1992 and Fujigen Nr: F209084


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