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Wow, feels like a million years since I've been on Jemsite! Here I am though :)
Time to move a couple guitars that I have loved, but just don't play.

First up is my RBM400NT. I bought this guitar from Rich probably 7 or 8 years ago as I had to sell off almost all of my guitars when I moved. This guitar plays beautifully and is in very good condition for an oil finished guitar. The body has typical worming in the wood of an oil finished guitar, the gold edge trem has the typical bubbling as well just as any gold plated ibanez trem gets. Fret life is excellent and the guitar plays lightning fast.
$1200 with a hardshell case.

Second is an original USA made Peavey Vandenberg in "Rockit pink". Excellent condition guitar with one fault. The original neck had the truss rod strip. Peavey send a replacement neck so the neck is correct for the guitar, but is not the original neck and has a black headstock instead of the pink one. I do have the original neck though if you wanted to pull the board and replace the truss rod. The guitar is signed by Jennifer batten if that matters and comes with the original Peavey hardshell case.

I don't see any method to add pictures to this post, so please email me for pictures and more information at [email protected]

Thanks guys!
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