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Well this is the second victim of the collection cropping. I built the guitar from parts a couple of months back, and it still needs a little work to finish it off, but it's all there.

The neck is a maple on maple jobbie from a 550, the headstocks has been re-finished in that "flip flop" paint you see on some Nissan cars. The frets are a little flat topped, but there's plenty of life left in them with no indentations. Fretboard is a little dirty, but could be cleaned (I havn't bothered as It doesnt bother me at all)

The body is from an RG 560, but it's had extensive modifications. The previous owner decided he wanted a scratchplate on his guitar, so routed out the cavity from the front (you can now access the electronics from either the front or the back). In doing this mod he also opened up the pickup cavities into a "swimingpool" type route. I removed quite a bit of wood frome the body to take the sustainer circuit and there is a battery box resessed into the butt end.
The body also has it's fair share of dings around the edges. There is also a hole drilled right through it from the neck pickup cavity to the back of the guitar for some reason - No Idea why, but it's only small and doesnt cause a problem.

The electronics consist of the sustainer driver, a seymour duncan lil 59, un-named single coil and a bare knuckle miracle man. The pickups are wired to a 5 way switch in the normal ibanez way. To switch the sustainer on you pull up on the volume pot, then to switch between modes (harmonic and normal) you pull on the tone pot.
There a still a couple of issues with the wiring which i havnt had time to sort out, the tone pot is wired up the wrong way (if you get me). Also, when in the 4th position (middle single split with the neck pickup) there is a drop in volume on the three non-wound strings. Im not really too sure what this is, and havn't had time to investigate.

The hardwear is all Ibanez standard stuff (edge bridge) and is all in near mint condition)

I've been tempted to part this guitar out and sell it in bits, but I just thought I'd check if anyone wanted tho whole thing first. It's cost me quite a bit to put together (the sustainer circuitry alone was £275) so I'm looking to get around £450 for it in it's current state. For that price it'll be delivered straight to your door by Interlink.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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