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Cleaning house as i don't need 7 guitars anymore, and i have a bunch of speakers left over from my 6x12 conversion project.

First up is my ESP LTD EC-1000
Gloss black with gold hardware with case.
Guitar is in good condition. has some bumps and bruises (pics available upon request) but everything is fully functional
Really is a great guitar but I have an ESP Eclipse so this isn't getting too much action anymore
comes with the emg 81/60 pickup combo, tone pro's locking bridge and tail piece, earvana nut (amazing! helps you stay in tune and intonated much longer) and sperzel locking tuners.

Looking for $425 (plus shipping)

next up selling my 2001 MIJ (Chrome logo era!) Ibanez Rg-470 in black with case.

This guitar is heavily modified as i thought i'd never sell it.
First up the vibrato has been blocked. It's a low trs 2 bridge. i put two screws into the body and backed them out enough to keep the bridge from moving.
Next I sanded down the neck a bit to get rid of the matte finish, now it plays really similar to the old 80's JEMS
Upgraded both humbuckers to white dimarzio PAF pro's, these sound amazing. the same pickups paul gilbert has in his guitars and what the original JEMS were sold with.
Next I painted a white f-hole (ala paul gilbert) on the front. This can be easily removed without much damage to the guitar
On the back is a cityscape stencil. it's along the bottom and looks really nice. again this can probably be removed fairly easily if you want.
as well I have changed all the knobs to black strat knobs and the guitar also comes with a set of white dimarzio strap locks with the white dimarzio strap.

The pickups alone are worth $70 each new, and if you wanted to part it out you could easily make close to $4-500, I would just rather have someone play it than tear it apart myself.

Looking for $250 (plus shipping)
(new they went for $450, back in 2001)

also selling my Gloss Black ESP X-Tone PS-1 Semi-hollow guitar
Yes, I know these sell for $300 new, so why would you want to buy mine?
First up I have installed EMG's in it (81/85) which cost me $200 installed
Next up I had a set of black Sperzel locking tuners installed which cost me another $100
Next up it comes with a case (it's a coffin case but it fits it very well) which cost me $60
and lastly it was recently set up, a new bridge was installed and it plays wonderfully now.

Looking for $300 (plus shipping)

(here's what the guitar looks like stock)

now on to the speakers

Selling my 2 Eminence Delta 15A speakers.
Barely used, easily have less than 10 hours on the speakers.
400 watt RMS, 8 ohms
(full specs at http://www.usspeaker.com/Delta-15A-1.htm)
Fully usable for Bass, Guitar, and PA
No rips/tears/repairs

looking for $100 for the pair (plus shipping)

Selling two 100% functional Fender eminence blue label speakers.
they are listed as 8 ohms, not sure on the wattage but they were used as replacement speakers in my 1971 Fender twin (i guess the original owner blew the first pair of speakers), so these were probably direct replacements from fender in the later 70's, early 80's.

no tears, rips or repairs.
looking for $40 for the pair (plus shipping

Pictures on all items available by request (send me you email address in your message)

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Re: Ibanez rg, ltd ec-1000, esp x-tone, fender speakers and eminence 15" speakers

price drop:
Ec-1000 - $400 plus shipping
RG470 - $200 plus shipping
x-tone - $250 plus shipping
Eminence speakers - $80 plus shipping
Fender speakers - $30 plus shipping

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Re: Ibanez rg, ltd ec-1000, esp x-tone, fender speakers and eminence 15" speakers

ec-1000 on hold
x-tone on hold
eminence speakers sold
fender speakers sold

Ibanez price drop to 170 plus shipping!
pm me if interested
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