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Price: 950€ / exchange / open for auction
Location: Russian Federation
Shipping: okay
Selling reason: I want a 7 string guitar. Therefore, you can exchange it for a good 7 string guitar with my surcharge. Or for an equivalent in value guitar (that i will sell)

Neck: 5-piece wizard prestige Maple/Walnut neck. Rosewood fretboard
Body: Purpleheart wood, with mahogany inserts
Bridge: Schaller 456 black
Pickups: Emg 81 / Emg SA
Scale: 25.5
8/16V switch
Machine head: Gotoh
Natural oil finish

Used on the recording of the album Mors Principium Est "And Death said Live ...". This information can be confirmed.

Things changed after buy:

Gibraltar plus >> Schaller 456
Dimarzio crunch lab >> emg 81
Dimarzio Air Norton >> emg sa
Danish oil finish
Bridge pool (i screw it up)
Potentiometres (passive>>active pickups)

This guitar was bought from Finland guitarist Mors Principium Est Andhe Chandler (ex-Ibanez endorser, Caparison endorser) for 1200 €
Initially talked with him on the topic of music, recording and so on. Then he offered to buy one of the two Ibanez guitars. According to him, he sold them because of change of endorsement (Ibanez>Caparison).
This guitar is a hybrid of RG and RGA models, and from his words the guitar can be easily sold for 2000 €, because Company Ibanez remade this guitar specially for him:

"Guitar was made for me 2008, body was remade by ibanez in 2009 after an airline accident. body is purpleheart wood, with mahogany inserts. as far as original cost goes, i cant put an exact price on it, due to it being a custom shop piece from hoshino gakki, fujigen factory. At an estimateof the value, it is a custom prestige made in japan, those normally retail for around $4600NZD. being a custom one off, id say $4999NZD. That is going from 2009 pricing, so things have changed a little now"

But only Ibanez company by itself can proof that, That's why I'll sell the guitar at the cost that I bought it. Minus the cost due to the changes that I made (screwed up bridge pool)

Photoes, video etc. i will post soon (ask pm for now)
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