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Ibanez RG1527 bridge setup help

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Hey guys. I’m new here! Nice to meet you all. I have an RG1527 that has an edge pro bridge. I recently got some heavy duty springs for it as I have it set in drop a tuning. I recently noticed that when diving the bar sharp it would hit the wood. Turns out my brass block was loose and I needed to tighten the screws. I spent a while doing that today and restringing it and setting it up. To keep the bridge level I have to have the springs quite close to the body in the back and that is putting a lot of slack on the springs therefor it looks like again the brass block has moved and when diving sharp I still hear the bridge touching the wood. Any advice? Go back to thin springs? Use more springs. Please help!
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1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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