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Hi there,

I own a fantastic RG3120 in Vintage Violin. I have played the guitar heavily over the years, although it still plays absolutely superb. There is virtually no wear on the frets and everything is in perfect working order - I recently had it completely restored, brand new super switch and pots. The only modifications to the guitar have been an excellent quality high friction tone pot, which works very well.

I am humming and ahh-ing about potentially selling/trading it for another Ibanez guitar because quite frankly the wizard neck is just too thin for me these days. I was potentially looking at an Ibanez JS1000/1200

I have been told that the manufacturing run of guitars in 2001 was supposed to be unbelievably good and the quality of this guitar speaks for itself. There are some chips to the under side edges and colour wear on the black Cosmo hardware, however aside from that the entire finish on the front is flawless.

My question to you is, how much do you think this guitar would be worth as I have no idea?

Many thanks.

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