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Hi guys,

For sale is my beautiful Ibanez RG3120 2001 in Vintage Violin finish.

Firstly, I am selling this guitar very reluctantly to make way for another acquisition, quite frankly the wizard neck is just too thin for my ageing hands these days.

It goes without saying that guitar plays absolutely fantastically, there are no issues with regards to the functionality of the instrument.


As far as being original, the guitar has not been modded in any way apart from 1 very minor change; a high quality, high friction tone pot that was added, which works very well.

The only other thing of note was a replacement Ibanez super switch as the original failed, and the wiring was left as original.

The guitar has only been played live 4 times, and by myself at home. The neck especially feels really smooth, the satin finish has worn nicely over the years, and it feels almost like an oil finish now - however again, no visual signs of wear.

I have seen it mentioned on here that the Ibanez guitars built around the 2001/2002 mark are supposed to be some of the finest guitars they made, and this is no exception. The build quality is absolutely top notch.


Being Mahogany the guitar absolutely roars, but interestingly has some of the best clean tones you will hear from any guitar. I cannot stress this enough, it sounds really beautiful. It is the nicest Ibanez guitar I have ever played, and the quality is right up there. Just writing this I am considering keeping it, but logically speaking it has to go to someone who will really get the best out of it.

It has the original DiMarzio Pickups, outlined below.


The finish on the front of the guitar and horns etc is flawless, there are only 2 very, very minor blemishes which I have photographed.

The back of the instrument is where there are a few chips. Hopefully you will be able to see these clearly in the photos. Being that theguitar has been played it inevitably has some signs of wear, however nothing noticeable at all from viewing the front.

• Mahogany body, flamed maple top
• 3 piece maple Wizard prestige neck, rosewood fingerboard withoffset pearl inlay
• 24 Jumbo frets
• Gotoh Tuners
• Ibanez Lo-Pro Edge tremolo system
• Dimarzio Tone Zone - Bridge
• Dimarzio PAF Pro - Neck
• 5-way selector switch
• Master volume and master tone.

The guitar is currently strung with D'Addario 10s, however is missing the original backplate (you can easily buy a replacement on the Ibanez spare parts website). The guitar also comes with the original case. The case has some minor damage to one of the corners, included are the original tools.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Best wishes.

Pics here:

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