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Ibanez RG320 DXQM in blue.
This has a beautiful quilted maple top.
Comes with a Hardshell case.
It is in great condition.

• 3pc Wizard II maple neck
• Rosewood Fretboard
• Bound neck with sharktooth inlays
• 24 Jumbo frets
• Basswood Body
• Quilted Maple top
• Ibanez Edge III Bridge
• Locking nut
• 2 IBZ Humbucking pickups
• 1 vol, 1 tone, and 5-way switch

I am looking to trade it for a Sony Ericsson k750.

Line 6 Guitarport
Use your computer as an amp/recording.
Plugs into USB port.
Packed with many amps, cabs, and effects.
It comes in its original box along with all of its softwares and cables.

Line 6 Tone Core Uber metal Distortion Pedal.

Über Metal™ brings you massive amounts of gain in one tiny, tough package. You can chose from some of the best Line 6 high-gain tones from HD147® and Vetta II™ including Metal, Pulverize, and Insane. Also included with the Über Metal is a built-in selectable noise gate, and scoop control for massive tonal contouring.

This pedal is in great condition.
Comes with all the original documents and packaging

I have pictures for anyone interested.

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Arg.. ur gonna make me have major GAS.. and I can't afford it right now.. but can you send me pics of the RG anyways? Im a sucker for blue quilts O_O
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