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Hi, I have a RG3550zdx with Edge Zero I just purchased used. I really like it. For some more info on the guitar:

It has an Edge zero. I don't believe that whammy/tremolo is original, as it is black, and in most pictures, I see it is Chrome-ish.

Also, when I try to put the trem arm in, it doesn't fit and just falls out - even when I put the little black brushing in the socket. However, there is some rust/grunge-ish material on screw socket for the trem threading, so I can't screw it down all the way so maybe thats why it doesn't fit

Does anyone else have a Edge Zero from this timeline or even better this RG3550ZDX and can tell me
1. the black tremolo arm and black brushing with chrome torque socket is original
2. how to properly attach this Edge Zero trem arm
3. if not original, the best place to purchase the original
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