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Ibanez rg570

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Selling an rg570 I modified into a HH configuration with great upgrades. I custom painted the guitar with a yellow splash on blue
Indonesian rg550 neck

No issues

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Indonesian rg550 neck
Well that certainly caught my attention... lol.

Few things mate
1) Thats not an rg550 neck, thats an rg470 neck. In 1998, 500 series necks were made with the bubinga stripe and the 400s were made with the single piece scarf joint. Some odd ball european models like the rg390 also are made this way. That said, its still a MIJ RG neck, so not really hurting anything
2) In your ad, youre claiming its a dimarzio tone zone and seymour duncan nazgul... I honestly dont know squat about SD's, but I do know 100% that is NOT a tone zone. Ive been jammin on DP155's for a long long long long time. As well, tone zone in the neck is HORRIBLE lol. But I did a quick check, doesnt appear to be a Nazgul either dude... not sure whats going on there but thats both weird and concerning.
3).... your "gotoh tuners".... I dont believe those are "gotoh" tuners. Not a huge deal honestly, but either dont bring them up at all, or just call them gotoh style. If they ARE gotoh's, they're not a model I've seen before, and I'd like to know what they are. Gotoh DOES have the concave style tuner buttons, but those are MUCH smaller than that style would be.

and two personal things, you can pm me about it; 1) what the heck is going on with the neck screws lol. Looks like you have rubber ferrules or something haha 2) Everything else aside, your cavity fills are really awesome honestly. Almost every person I've seen do those, they always leave a witness line (or worse), but yours is really clean actually. Can you let me know how you did that?

Anyway, not trying to bust your balls, but "indonesian rg550 neck" made me VERY curious and concerned lol; but these are things that just not accurate; and would be duplicitous to keep advertising it as such.

And I like pictures, so heres a good visual run down of what Im talking about, especially in regards to the neck situation. By all means, if Im incorrect here, do let me know.


and heres a run down of the tuner stuff

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