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Hello, everyone!

Just wanted to let you know that I have some parts for sale. Wanted to let you guys have first pick.


Ibanez RG 570 neck. This neck came off a RG620X. It's stamped with ARG570 and has a skunk strip. I'm assuming it's super wizard neck. The neck is in good condition with the normal wear. I just polished it up with some Guitar Honey. Frets are still in very ood shape. Just needs a cleaning. The neck is AANJ.

Here's some pictures.

You will also get the locking nut, string tree and Tuners for $200 and a additional $15 for shipping. If you want to see references I use the bay quite a bit as well. My username there is Guitarmattms06.

The body is a RG620X - 01

Only thing you get with this is the Body. No covers, no hardware. I will be keeping those for my project. The body is a black sparkle finish. In the pictures it looks like a flat black but in real light it shines. The body does have a few wear and tear sctraches along the edges and near the jack. I tried to point most of them out for you. There is some belt rash on the back.

I really want to stress this. Whoever owned this guitar before me glued a inch piece of wood inside the trem cavity to make it a hardtail. I've thought about trying to remove it myself but was to afraid of damaging the body in the process. So, I'll just lower the asking price and let the new owner deal with it. Also, the neck pocket is a AANJ.


Asking $65 + $10 S& h for body. Will include humbucker rings and all screws for them.

Also, will be selling a pair of EMG X61/X85 asking $90 plus $5 for S&H.

If you have any questions feel free to send me a PM. I will leave these up for a few days then off to the bay if I have no hits here.

Thanks for looking!
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